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decision Making tools 

Agroptimize markets innovative decision-making tools for the entire agro-industrial sector. They are produced by maturing and optimising exploratory projects and tailor-made tools.

Advice is provided on a range of topics:

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Maximise the potential of your crops with our soil maps. Optimise your sowing density, modulate your organic matter intake and optimise your basal dressing.

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Provide your plants with the specific quantities of nitrogen they need, when they need it most. Geo-referencing can be used to produce an automatic variable rate nitrogen application map, as long as the operator has the required equipment.

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Control phytosanitary risks with our Phytoprotech online tracking application. Enter your plot data, view the reports and receive live notifications of disease risks.

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Crop damage

Déterminez l'impact précis des dégâts sur vos cultures grâce à notre solution cartographique idéale pour visualiser et détecter précisément les dommages au sein des cultures (climat, gibier, verse, maladie,...).

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Tailor-made services 

Agroptimize develops tailor-made services for your crops combining the following skills: 


From aerial shots (by drone, plane or satellite), we create maps to meet your needs.


We compare remote sensing and field data.


We translate remote sensing data into agronomic variables.

Agroptimize develops tailor-made services that meet all your crop needs: counting, irrigation, disease prevention, spot treatments, fertilisation, damage, plot monitoring, etc.

Research & development 

Leveraging a high level of capitalisation as well as subsidies and funding, AgrOptimize is investing heavily in innovative technologies to economically and environmentally optimise crop routing for a group of field crops.

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