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Crop protection

Manage disease risks by streamlining phytosanitary treatments.

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Crop protection

Objectify disease risks at the field level!

Developed by an independent organisation, PhytoProTech takes into account farmers’ environmental issues and profitability goals.

PhytoProTech draws on a variety of data sources:

Field data (variety, previous crops, nitrogen fertilisation, etc.)

Growth stage adjustments

High resolution meteorological data (hourly)

The combination of this field data with phenological and phytopathological models makes it possible to assess disease risks at the field level according to the development stage of the crop.

Thanks to PhytoProTech, phytosanitary treatments are streamlined and reduced on average (depending on the year). Because treatments are performed based on the objective level of disease or pest risks in each field, spraying is no longer systematic (instead it is based on the day, growth stage, etc.)

Phytosanitary treatments are optimised: targeted to the right disease or pest, a particular field and a specific time.

The following tools provide users with decision-making support:

Risk notifications: farmers are quickly alerted with texts and emails to plan spray treatments.

An individualised online platform for real-time disease monitoring with crop development and disease risk charts. Farmers can evaluate the health status of each field and more efficiently organise the treatment schedule.

Overview of the status of land tracts

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PIE : Eyespot / OID : Powdery mildew / SEP : Node canker / ROB : Brown rust / ROJ : Yellow rust / HEL : Helminthosporiose / FUS : Dry Rot / CEC : Orange gall midge

Viewing protected plots

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How does PhytoProTech work?             

Real-time disease risk monitoring

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Triggering of alert

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To take into account new infections for the second treatment

Infections start when favourable weather conditions are met (the curve begins).

Symptoms are not yet visible in the field but the disease has already begun its incubation phase.

Symptoms become visible when the incubation curve hits 100%.

At the 70%-mark of the incubation period, PhytoProTech sends a risk notification (via text and email) for the disease and the field affected.

If weather conditions in the following days are not conducive to disease development, notifications are delayed. 

When farmers use phytosanitary treatment, they should note it on the web platform and indicate the effective duration of the applied treatment.

To make encoding easier, phytosanitary products can be entered in advance. Farmers can then select the products and doses from a drop-down menu and the effective duration is automatically saved.

PhytoProTech accounts for the effective duration of a treatment and temporarily stops risk notifications. These will begin again once the effective duration period ends or if a new infection occurs.

PhytoProTech Crop and Disease (+ Pests) Matrix

The matrix is constantly updated to cover the main diseases and pests for the most common crops in Europe and North Africa.