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Agroptimize has set up a private sector/academic collaborative platform with its founders (Wanaka, ULg and LIST) and a set of external research and development partners in Belgium and France.

This research into plant crop phytopathology began in the 2000s and has been the subject of numerous articles in international publications.

Currently, the company develops and markets several families of innovative tools for field-crop farms.

Agroptimize provides a range of R&D support services for many major French clients: SMAG, Saint Louis-Sucre, KWS, Crystal Union, ONF, Soufflet, Tereos, Syngenta, Michelin, MaïsAdour, Bonduelle, BASF, Lhoist, CILEBAN, VIVESCIA, and more …

Several collaborative R&D programmes (AgrOptimize, ULg and LIST) have recently been initiated.